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GE Fanuc Series 90-70

GE Fanuc Series 90-70
The Series 90-70 family of controllers is designed to meet the most complex applications, such as advanced batch processing, triple modular redundancy, high-speed processing.
GE Fanuc Series 90-70DescriptionStock Level
Redundant CPU 2K Discrete I/O 96 MHz 32-Bit Floating Point Kbyte Memory IC IC697CGR77Buy Now
Dual Bus CPU 12K Discrete IO 96 MHz 32 Bit Floating Point 1 Mbyte Memory IC IC697CGR93Buy Now
GMR Redundancy 90-70 CPU, 486, 2K 64MHz 32-Bit Floating Point Central IC6IC697CPM79Buy Now
GMR Redundant CPU Module PCM to CPU Communications Series 90-70 IC69 IC697CPM91Buy Now
Central Processing Unit Single Slot CPU 1Mbyte Memory 12K Input/Outputs IC IC697CPM91Buy Now
CPU Central Processor Unit PLC Module PCM BTM Compatability Comm. IC69 IC697CPM92Buy Now
CPU Processor Unit Faster Operation Protection Module Status Memory IC697 IC697CPM92Buy Now
Central Processing Unit 512 Discrete I/O 12 MHz 21 Kbyte CPU Series 90-70 IC6 IC697CPU73Buy Now
CPU PROCESSOR w/ Floating Pt Eprom Firmware Series 9070 PLC CPU732 IC69 IC697CPU73Buy Now
CPU without Floating Pt. Single Slot CPU 2K Input/Output (any mix) 8K AnalogI IC697CPU77Buy Now
CPU W/ Floating point math 12 MHz Expandable CPU Program & Memory IC69 IC697CPU77Buy Now
Central Proc. Unit Module 16 MHz 32 Bit Floating Point Expandable CPU Hot IC6 IC697CPU78Buy Now
CPU781 w/o floating point 16 MHz 32 Bit Expandable Central Processing Unit IC IC697CPU78Buy Now
CPU w/ Floating point 16MHz 32 Bit Expandable Central Processing Unit IC697C IC IC697CPUBuy Now
CPU Card Unit 16 MHz 32 Bit Expandable Central Processing Unit Mod Redundancy Syst. IC6Buy Now
CPU Low volume 16 MHz 32 Bit Expandable Central Processing Unit TMR Syst I IC697CPU78Buy Now
CPU CPX Central Processing Unit CPX772 96 MHz Series 9070 GE Fanuc PLC IC IC697CPX77Buy Now
CPU, 96 MHz, 12K Discrete I/O Cenrtal Processing Unit Series 9070 CPX782 IC6 IC697CPX78Buy Now
CPU, CPX928 Central Processing Unit 96MHz 32Bit 6Mbyte Series 9070 PLC IC69 IC697CPX92Buy Now
CPU, CPX935 Central Processing Unit 96MHz 32Bit 6Mbyte PLC GE Siers 9070 I IC697CPX93Buy Now
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