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GE Fanuc Emerson | Series 90-70

GE Fanuc Emerson | Series 90-70 | Image

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Buy Online -Over 1000 GE Fanuc Emerson Series 90-70 modules on our shelves. Parts ship same day - Free. Visit our product pages for manuals, images and technical support.

Buy Online -Over 1000 GE Fanuc Emerson Series 90-70 modules on our shelves. Parts ship same day - Free. Visit our product pages for manuals, images and technical support.

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About GE Fanuc Series 90-70
The GE Fanuc Series 90-70 is a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) platform engineered by GE Fanuc Automation North America, Inc. This family of PLCs are modular and highly scalable series, that may be designed to implement a wide range of industrial applications.

The Series 90-70 controllers are designed to implement advanced control strategies supporting IEC61131-3 mandated programming languages such as Ladder Logic, Structured Text (ST) and Sequential Function Chart (SFC).

This controller family utilizes the VME bus, allowing Genius I/O modules and Series 90-70 Central Processing Units (CPUs) to connect interact with each other with high speed communication rates with that delay that are almost negligible.

A functional Series 90-70 system is composed of a PLC Rack, Power Supply, and I/O modules at a minimum. However, to meet specific plant requirements, additional modules may be added to the system such as Genius I/O system, Field Control I/O, Programmable Co-processor (PCM), Genius I/O Bus Controller, Remote I/O Scanner, I/O Link Display, Communication Interface modules, and specialty modules are available for installation to the 90-70 system. These modules allows designing of a controller system that meets and exceeds plant control requirements.

User programs, process data and information are configured using a Windows compatible application software, Proficy Machine Edition (ME) Logic Developer. With the utilization of the Microsoft platform, Configuration, Testing, Commissioning and Maintenance of the system are much easier due to the user-friendliness of the Microsoft and programming software environment.

Additionally, the Series 90-70 also supports the LogicMaster 90 programming software, bridging the gap between the legacy and the modern programming style. LogicMaster 90 user programs can be directly migrated to the Proficy Machine Edition using the “import” command and software users are guided to which part of the program that needs retrofitting to the new software.

Not only that it utilizes Microsoft Operating systems, the Series 90-70 CPU is based on the Intel 80X86 or Intel 80X86DX microprocessor along a Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) Boolean coprocessor (BCP). These technological combinations allows any 90-70 processor to act as a general purpose microprocessor, with the high-speed Boolean execution of ladder elements with a rate of 0.4 microseconds.

Specific CPU models are designed to serve Control Redundancy requirements, particularly, CPU Model 780 (IC697CPU780) is used. A pair of this controller model is used to handle redundancy, One acting as the Primary while the other acting as the Secondary controller. Series 90-70 Platform enhancement also allows CGR935 (IC697CGR935) and CGR772 (IC697CGR772) as redundancy controllers with the use of the Genius Hot Standby (GHS) method.

If Hot Standby is not enough, the Series 90-70 family also features Triple Redundancy support with the use of CPU models 788 (IC697CPU788), 789 (IC697CPU789), and CPM 790 (IC697CPU790). These CPUs are configured along the software embedded instructions and program blocks which provide the redundancy control, operation and autotest of program routines. 

Twenty (20) CPU models are available under the Series 90-70 family. With clock speed ranging from 12 MHz - 96 MHz, I/O capacity range of 512-12288 points, on board user memory range of 32Kbytes - 6Mbytes and Expansion memory ranging from 64-512Kbytes.


  • Supports a wide variety of industrial applications
  • Well range of CPU selection
  • Redundancy support
  • Triple Redundancy Support
  • Intel Based CPU architecture
  • Wide variety of Input and Output Modules
  • High Scalable
  • Support for legacy and modern communication protocols
  • Very large I/O capacity range from 512-12288 I/O points
  • Scalable design
  • Coprocessor support
  • Motion control capable


  • No embedded Webserver for configuration and maintenance.
  • Two (2) Programming software applications, LogicMaster 90 and Proficy Machine Edition Logic Developer.
  • IoT not ready
  • High Cost
  • Does not support software-based controllers
IC697MDL240120 Volts ac Isolated Input 16 120 Volt AC Isolated Input Module Seris 9070 IC69 IC697MDL4Buy Now
IC697MDL241240 Volts ac Isolated Input (16) Point 240 Volt Input Module GE PLC 9070 IC69 IC697MDL24Buy Now
IC697MDL250120 Volts ac Input (32) point 120 Volt Input Module Series 9070 GE PLC IC697 IC697MDL25Buy Now
IC697MDL251120 Volts ac Input (16) Point Module 20 ms Input Filter Proximity Switch IC697 IC697MDL25Buy Now
IC697MDL25212 Volts ac Input (32) Point Module 4 isolated groups, 8 each 20ms input IC697MDL IC697MBuy Now
IC697MDL25324 Volts ac Input (32) Point 20ms input filter Proximity switch compatable IC697MD IC697Buy Now
IC697MDL25448 Volts ac Input (32) Points 20 ms input filter Proximity switch compatable IC697M IC697Buy Now
IC697MDL340120 Volts ac Output, 2 Amp (16)Points Module Mechanical Keying 9070 IC697MDL3 IC697Buy Now
IC697MDL341120/240 Volts ac Isolated Output, 2 Amp (12) Points Output Module IC6 IC697MDL3 IC697Buy Now
IC697MDL350120 Volts ac Output, 0.5 Amp (32) Points High Inrush Capacity (20x rated) IC697MDL IC697Buy Now
IC697MDL640125 Volts dc Input (16) points MDL640 Module Series 90-70 GE PLC IC69 IC697MDL6 IC697Buy Now
IC697MDL65024 Vdc Input, Positive Logic (32) Points Operation of the 24/48 Volt DC IC697MDL6 IC697MBuy Now
IC697MDL6515 Volts dc (TTL) Input (32)Point Input Module Series 90-70 GE Fanuc PLC IC697MDL6 IC697MBuy Now
IC697MDL65212 Volts dc Input Positive/Negative Logic Compatability (32) Points 9070 IC697MDL6 IC697MBuy Now
IC697MDL65324 Volts dc Input, Positive/Negative Logic (32) Points Input Filter Select IC697MDL6 IC697MBuy Now
IC697MDL65448 Volts dc Input, Positive/Negative Logic (32) Points System Interface IC697MDL6 IC697MBuy Now
IC697MDL74024/48 Volts dc Output, 2 Amp, Pos Logic (16) Points Operation Module IC697MDL7 IC697MBuy Now
IC697MDL75024/48 Volts dc Output, 0.5 Amp, Pos Logic (32) Points Operation Module IC697MDL7 IC697Buy Now
IC697MDL75212 Volts dc Output, 0.5 Amp, Pos Logic (32) Point Output Module 90-70 IC697MDL7 IC697Buy Now
IC697MDL7535/48 Volts dc Output, 0.5 Amp, Neg Logic (32) Point Output Module IC697 IC697MDL IC697Buy Now
IC697MDL94016 point Relay Output, Signal, 2 Amp (16) Points Output Module 90-70 IC697MDL9 IC697MBuy Now

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