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Product Description

The IC200ALG266 by GE Fanuc is a TUV approved input module for the Versamax series.
It has 15 channels and 15-bit voltage. This analog input module provides an interface to 15 current inputs, which are single-ended and share a common return. The IC200ALG266 is rated for use in SIL2 applications.

The module receives power from the backplane power supply, meaning it does not require any external power source for operation. It is, however, important to note that power for the user’s transceivers must be supplied from an external source. Intelligent processing for this module is possible via the module’s CPU or NIU, which provides intelligent processing to allow 15 words of analog input data. 

The IC200ALG266 contains an active circuit that protects the input sense resistors. If an input is accidentally connected to +24V field power, the module holds input current at 40mA max to prevent damage from too much power. Additional protection for the sense resistors is provided by opening the input loop while the module is powered off. When the module is powered off, any connected external transmitters that perform open wire fault detection will see the open input loop as an open wire fault, and any external receivers connected in series with the module will not receive a valid signal.

The module’s LED Indicator turns green when any of the following processes is taking place: when backplane power is present, when internally generated field power is functioning properly, when the module has been configured, and/or when it has been recognized on the backplane.

The IC200ALG266 reports loss of internal power fault for field-side circuits and also reports an open wire fault for each channel when in 4-20mA mode. The module reports an Internal Hardware fault upon detection of an A/D conversion malfunction. The module detects this malfunction by applying a known stimulus to the A/D conversion path and verifying the expected result. Should there be three consecutive occurrences, scanning comes to a stop, the OK LED is turned off, and an Internal Hardware fault is reported. To clear this fault, the module must be power cycled or replaced.

Technical Specifications

No. of channels:  15 single-ended, one group
Voltage Range: N/A
Current Range: 4 - 20 mA, 0 - 20 mA
Update Rate: 7.5 ms
Input Filter Response:     24 Hz +/-20%
Power Consumption: 100 mA from +5V bus




Troubleshooting IC200ALG266

Troubleshooting information is available on IC200ALG266's website page; it also includes a datasheet user-manual and a wiring diagram.

Repair your IC200ALG264

PDF Supply can repair your IC200ALG266 in 3-5 business days. And PDF Supply stands by all of its repairs with a 1 year customer satisfaction warranty.


Customer Questions and Answers

  • Question:  What is an IC200ALG266?  Answer:  The IC200ALG266 is a 15-Channel, 15-Bit, Current, TUV Approved, Analog Input module from the GE Fanuc Versamax Series.
  • Question:  What are some of the characteristics of the channels?  Answer:  There are 15 single-ended channels, all in one group.
  • Question:  What are some of the characteristics of the IC200ALG266?  Answer:
    • This module is an enhanced version of the IC200ALG264
    • This module is approved by TUV for use in the safety-relevant portion of a GMR system.
    • This module protects against voltages up to 30VDC.
    • The IC200ALG266 contains active circuitry to protect the input sense resistors.
  • Question:  What is the input current?  Answer:  4 to 20 mA (default; no jumper), 0 to 20 mA (terminal jumper installed)
  • Question:  What is the input impedance?  Answer:  100 Ohms minimum
  • Question:  What is the update rate per module?  Answer:  7.5 ms
  • Question:  What is IC200ALG266 compatible with?  Answer:  It is compatible with all VersaMax carriers and CPU/NIUs except the DeviceNet NIU (IC200DBI001).
  • Question:  What should I do if my IC200ALG266 is not working properly?  Answer:  Your IC200ALG266 may need repair.

For more information on the IC200ALG266 15-Channel, 15-Bit, Current, TUV Approved, Analog Input Module of the GE Fanuc Versamax Series, please see the Datasheet User-Manual. 


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ST. LOUIS, Feb. 1, 2019 – Emerson today announced it has completed the purchase of Intelligent Platforms from General Electric.

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