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The SYSMAC CJ Series feature programmable logic controllers (PLC) modules by Omron. The CJ-Series offers programmable logic controllers (PLCs) such as  CS1-H, CJ1-H, CJ1M, and CS1D. Users should be aware that user programs containing functions supported by CPU units with unit version 4.0 or later cannot be used on CS/CJ-series CPU units with unit version 3.0 or earlier. Aside from that, users can easily download and upload individual tasks using CJ-Series CPU models. Besides that, these units are powered with improved read protection using passwords. In addition, these units offer users write protection from FINS commands. Note: these same commands are sent to CPU units via networks. Speaking of network support, the CJ modules are capable of handling communications through a maximum of 8 network levels. Other notable features include automatic transfers without a parameter file at power on, automatic detection of I/O allocation method for automatic transfer at power on, online network connections without I/O tables, and connecting online to PLCs via NS-series PTs. The product must be used following the performance specifications described in the operation manuals. Otherwise, it can damage the Users must also ensure that the product's ratings and performance requirements are sufficient for the systems. The operators must follow the safety standards for the operation to prevent accidents. 

Collage of images depicting SYSMAC CJ Series units


The CJ1 family of programmable controllers offers a wide range of CPUs for simple and small-scale applications to high-power and robust machine control applications. The CJ1 series of CPUs can handle up to 2560 I/O points. The most important aspect of this series is that it offers a modular design, ensuring desired scalability and functionality per the operator’s requirements. All available I/O units are compatible with the entire range of CPU models, making it a suitable choice for customers who don't want to stock modules. The CJ1 family offers compactness, flexibility, and speed, which helps design machine control at any level. The CJ1 family is comprised of different models, including CJ1M, CJ1M (Pulse I/O), CJ1G, and CJ1H. The program capacity, processing speed, and the number of supported I/O increases from the CJ1M to CJ1H models.


The CJ1 CPU units offer various I/O bits, which range from 160 bits to 2560 bits. The base models do not support expansion racks, whereas the high-end models support up to three (3) expansion racks. The total data memory ranges from 32K words to 448K words, including both data memory (DM) and extended data memory (EM). The processing speed of LD instruction varies from 100 nanoseconds for the base models to 20 nanoseconds for the high-end models. For user memory extension, a memory card can be installed in all of the CPU models from the CJ1 family. The CJ1 series supports the Ladder Diagram (LD) programming language.

Input Units for the CJ1 Series

There are several input units for the CJ1 family that can be attached to a CPU to increase the functionality of the automation system as required.

  • A high-speed unit is available with 16 inputs that operate on 24 volts DC. These high-speed units can read pulse widths as short as 0.05 milliseconds, which is impossible for normal I/Os.
  • Temperature units enable the system to read temperatures from up to 6 sensors simultaneously with a resolution of 0.1 °C. The value from the sensor is stored in a 16-bit signed integer. It offers features like cold junction compensation, mains frequencies suppression, and broken or short-circuit alarms.
  • Analog input units are available in 4-point or 8-point channels. These units convert data from analog sensors into binary data. The input signal can either be a voltage input signal (1 to 5 volts) or a current input signal (4 to 20 milliamperes). These units have built-in features like mean, offset gain, hold, and range functions. A resolution of 1/4000 to 1/8000 is achievable. The total conversion time for an 8-channel analog input unit is 2 milliseconds.
  • Analog output units convert binary data into analog, which is given as an output signal to an actuator for machine control. It has built-in functions like offset gain, range selection, and output hold. A resolution from 1/4000 (default) up to 1/8000 (selectable) per channel can be achieved with a conversion time of 1 millisecond. The output signal can be generated in voltage form, from 1 volt to 5 volts, or in current form, from 4 milliamperes to 20 milliamperes.
  • Analog I/O units are also available, with both analog input signals and analog output signals. These are available in 2- or 4-point models. A conversion time for a 6-channel unit is around 3 milliseconds with a resolution of 1/8000. In addition to the features available in analog input and output units, analog I/O units also offer a scaling function.
  • Process input units are a type of unit that can measure temperatures directly from four (4) sensors. The input range of these units is shared between multiple inputs. A 2-input unit has a conversion time of 10 milliseconds, whereas a 4-input unit has a conversion time of 250 milliseconds.
  • Temperature control units have both a temperature sensor and a control output built into a single unit. The temperature input sensors are either thermocouple or thermometer sensors. These units offer ON/OFF control or PID control. The PID control is 2-loop or 4-loop with an auto-tuning feature for tunning PID constants. The sampling period is 500 milliseconds.
  • The position control unit provides a position control with high speed and precision for 1, 2, or 4 axes. These units support open-loop control and provide a pulse train at the output, which can be used as an input for servo or stepping motors. The speed, position, and acceleration parameters can be adjusted during execution.
  • A high-speed multi-axis motion control unit is capable of controlling up to 32 physical axes. The speed, position, torque, and synchronization controls (gear and cam) all are supported by this unit.
  • A high-speed multi-axis position controller is also available, which supports up to 16 axes and can control speed, torque, or position.
  • A serial communication unit can be used to enhance the network and communication needs of the project. A single unit may contain two RS-232C or RS-422A/485 communication ports, or a combination of both.
  • An RS-422A adapter is a converter unit that converts an RS-232 port to an RS-422A/485 port.
  • RFID sensor units can read RFID tags at high speeds (160 bytes/scan) and transmit the data to the control unit for further processing. These units are available with one or two-point read-write heads.
  • An Ethernet unit is also available separately, which can enhance data communication to even higher speeds and link a plant management system to the FA system.
  • Some other units are available that can be used with the CJ1 series if required. These include a controller link unit, DeviceNet unit, CAN unit, and PROFIBUS-DP master/slave unit.


The SYSMAC CJ2 series is an improved version of OMRON's classic CJ1 series. The CJ2 series comes loaded with all the functions of its predecessor with enhanced performance and functionality. CJ2 programmable controllers have two performance classes, which include CJ2M and CJ2H based on the application requirements. The CJ2M is a base model for general automation and packaging needs, whereas the CJ2H is suited for more advanced automation requirements, like inspection through image processing and high-speed sorting. The CJ2M has a sub-category of simple (CJ2M-CPU1x) and standard (CJ2M-CPU3x) models. Similarly, the CJ2H has high-end (CJ2H-CPU6x) and flag-ship (CJ2H-CPU6x-EIP) models, with a major difference being the inclusion of an embedded Ethernet port.

Performance Comparison with CJ1-H

The CJ2 family offers much better performance than CJ1 program controllers. The cycle time has been significantly reduced. A performance test is conducted with a similar set of instructions for the CJ1-H and CJ2H. The results indicated a cycle time of 8.09 milliseconds for CJ1-H and 1.43 milliseconds for CJ2H. During the performance test, the common processing time was reduced from 300 microseconds to 100 microseconds, and instruction execution time was reduced from 20 nanoseconds to 16 nanoseconds for LD and 42 nanoseconds to 0.59 nanoseconds for SIN. Also, the refresh rate of the base I/O unit was reduced from 3 microseconds to 1.4 microseconds with immediate refreshing from 20 microseconds to 1 microsecond. The interrupt response was also found to be reduced from 200 microseconds to 100 microseconds for scheduled interrupts, and 30 microseconds to 17 microseconds for input interrupts.

Applications of CJ2 Controllers

Tension Control: The high-speed analog input and output enable fast responses, eliminating inconsistencies and reducing takt time.

Inline Measurement: Multiple high-speed analog inputs improve the accuracy of product detection on a conveyor.

High-speed Displacement Sensing: A high-speed communication unit gets input from displacement sensors and laser distance meters with short measurement cycles, and provides better control of inverters for motor control.

High-speed Scanning and Sorting: A high-speed serial communication unit provides quick data transfer of bar code labeled products on the conveyor to the CPU for a fast sorting response.

Synchronized Control: The position control unit ensures that information from AC servos' encoders to servo drivers is processed in minimal time.

Multi-axis Position Control: Using a position control unit with EtherCAT enables a minimal starting time of 0.4 milliseconds in applications like palletizing, which ultimately reduces takt time.

Performance Specifications

  • The CPU variants of CJ2M have a program memory that ranges from 5K steps to 60K steps, whereas CJ2H CPU variants have a higher memory capacity ranging from 50K steps up to 400K steps. The data memory capacity is up to 160K words for CJ2M, and it ranges up to 832K words for CJ2H.
  • The execution time is 40 nanoseconds for base instructions and 120 nanoseconds for special instructions in CJ2M. Similarly, the execution time is 16 nanoseconds for base instructions and 48 nanoseconds for special instructions in CJ2H.
  • In CJ2 programmable controllers, there is an option to connect additional units with either a CPU rack or the expansion rack. The maximum number of units supported is 10. A single PLC (programmable logic controller) can simultaneously support up to 40 units, which means that up to three expansion racks can be added with a base CPU rack to extend the capabilities of the machine control based on the application requirements.
  • The CJ2 family supports external memory options in addition to the built-in memory capacity. 128 MB, 256 MB, or 512 MB of memory can be added to the system externally. OMRON memory cards are the only memory cards recommended for memory expansion.
  • CJ2 program controllers support all standard programming languages for PLCs, including ladder diagrams (LD), sequential function charts (SFC), structured text (ST), and instruction lists (IL).
  • All CPU models of the CJ2 family come with a USB 2.0 port and a B-type connector with a baud rate of up to 12 Mbps and a maximum transmission distance of 5 meters.
  • This family also supports serial communication. The CJ2H comes with RS-232C, whereas CJ2M has two variants in which one has RS-232C and the other has a serial option board where either RS-232C or RS-422A/485 can be mounted. The RS-232C has a transmission distance of up to 15 meters, whereas the RS-422A/485 has a transmission distance of 50 meters. The RS-422A/485 serial port also has an isolated-type variant that can transmit data to a larger distance of up to 500 meters.
  • There are variants of CJ2M and CJ2H program controllers which are equipped with an Ethernet/IP port, in addition to a USB and serial port so that they can meet the demands of high-end applications. The baud rate for Ethernet communication is 100 Mbps, and data can be transmitted 100 meters without any trouble.

Pulse I/O Modules in CJ2M

The CJ2M model of the CJ2 family has an option to add two Pulse I/O modules. A CJ2M CPU with at least a unit version 2 is required to utilize these high-speed inputs and outputs. Each pulse I/O module adds 10 inputs and 6 outputs to the system. The I/Os can be used for general-purpose and origin search input or output. Additionally, inputs can be used as quick-response, interrupts, and high-speed counters, and the outputs as pulse or PWM outputs.

Functions of the Pulse I/O Module

Input interrupts: The pulse I/O module supports eight (8) quick-response inputs or interrupts. A pulse width of 30 microseconds can be used for quick-response inputs. An interrupt can be created on the rising edge of the input pulse, as well as on the falling edge.

High-speed counters: Up to four counter inputs can be used as pulse inputs through rotary encoders. Single-phase inputs can be counted at 100 kHz, while different phase inputs can be counted at 50 kHz. Motor rotations can be monitored using these high-speed counters.

Pulse outputs: Positioning control of up to four (4) axes can be achieved for stepping motors or servos. A short 1-millisecond pulse control cycle and a speedy startup of position control enhance the smoothness in movement and reduce machine takt time.

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Product number CJ1W-AD041-V1 is an analog input unit. This device is used to transform analog signals into binary signals. This unit has four (4) analog inputs with configurable input signals ranging from 1 - 5 volts, 0 - 5 volts, 0 - 10 volts, -10 - 10 volts, and 4 - 20 volts. The maximum rated voltage input is +/-15 volts, while the maximum rated current input is +/-30 milliamperes. The CJ1W-AD041-V1 has a 420-milliampere max rated current consumption at a voltage of 5 volts DC. The maximum weight of the CJ1W-AD041-V1 is 140 grams.

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Catalog number CJ1W-AD081-V1 is an analog input unit that was produced by Omron Automation. This device has eight (8) analog input points. These input points have configurable input signal ranges of 4 to 20 milliamperes, 1 to 5 volts, 0 to 5 volts, 0 to 10 volts, and -10 to 10 volts. The CJ1W-AD081-V1 has a voltage input rating of +/-15 volts max, as well as a current input rating of +/-30 milliamperes max. At 5 volts DC, this module has a 420-milliampere maximum rated current consumption.

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Part number CJ1W-DA041 is an analog output module from Omron Automation. This device has four (4) analog output points with a maximum output impedance rating of 0.5 ohms for the voltage outputs. Additionally, the output signals are configurable and range from 1 to 5 volts, 0 to 5 volts, 0 to 10 volts, and -10 to 10 volts, as well as 4 to 20 milliamperes. The resolution of the CJ1W-DA041 is 4,000 (full-scale). This device requires a 24-volt DC (+10%, -15%) external power supply with a maximum current rated at 200 milliamperes.

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Catalog number CJ1W-EIP21 is a 100Base-TX Ethernet/IP unit. It was designed and produced by Omron Automation. This device has a maximum current consumption rated at 410 milliamperes at 5 volts DC. It has a maximum weight of 94 grams and dimensions that measure 31 mm x 90 mm x 65 mm (width x height x depth).

We have 4 units available to ship today with prices as low as $2029.


Product number CJ1W-ETN21 is a 100Base-TX Ethernet unit from Omron Automation. This product can be mounted on either an expansion rack or a CPU rack. The CJ1W-ETN21 utilizes star form transmission paths. Additionally, this device has a configurable baud rate of 100 Mbit/s or 10 Mbit/s. At 5 volts DC, the CJ1W-ETN21 has a current consumption rated at 370 milliamperes maximum. The maximum weight of this unit is 100 grams.

We have 5 units available to ship today with prices as low as $1184.


Part number CJ1W-ID211 is a digital input module produced by Omron Automation. This unit has sixteen (16) PNP/NPN digital inputs. The permissible input voltage of this module ranges from 20.4 to 26.4 volts. The off/on delay of the CJ1W-ID211 ranges from 0 to 32 milliseconds. The physical dimensions of this product measure 90 millimeters x 31 millimeters x 89 millimeters (height x width x depth). Additionally, the approximate weight of this device is 60 grams.

We have 16 units available to ship today with prices as low as $240.


Catalog number CJ1W-ID212 is a digital input module, and it was manufactured by Omron Automation. This device has sixteen (16) inputs and a voltage rating of 24 volts DC. In addition, this module has a 7-milliampere input current rating. At 5 volts DC, the CJ1W-ID212's current consumption is rated at 0.13 amperes.

We have 10 units available to ship today with prices as low as $513.


The CJ1W-OC211 digital output module was produced by Omron Automation as part of the SYSMAC CJ series of products. This unit has sixteen (16) digital output channels. The permissible output voltage of this product ranges from 5 volts to 250 volts. Additionally, the output current of the CJ1W-OC211 is rated at 2 amperes. This device has one (1) I/O connector and two (2) COM terminals. The physical dimensions of this digital output module measure 90 millimeters x 31 millimeters x 89 millimeters (height x width x depth). Furthermore, the CJ1W-OC211 has an approximate weight of 118 grams.

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Catalog number CJ2M-CPU12 is a CPU unit from Omron Automation. This CPU unit has an I/O capacity of 2,560 points. It also has a program capacity of 10K steps, as well as a DM area capacity of 64K words. The current consumption of the CJ2M-CPU12 is rated as 0.5 amperes at 5 volts DC. The weight of this CPU unit is 130 grams.

We have 4 units available to ship today with prices as low as $931.


Product number CJ2M-CPU13 is a CPU unit. This device was produced by Omron Automation as part of the SYSMAC CJ line of products. This CPU unit has an I/O capacity of 2,560 I/O points, as well as a program capacity of 20K steps. Furthermore, the CJ2M-CPU13 has a 64K word DM area capacity. It has a 0.5-ampere rated current consumption at 5 volts DC. The weight of this unit is 130 grams max, and it has a width that measures 31 millimeters.

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Catalog number CJ2M-CPU15 is an Omron Automation CPU unit. This device belongs to the SYSMAC CJ product series. It has a 2,560-point I/O capacity, as well as a 60K step program capacity. The current consumption of the CJ2M-CPU15 is rated as 0.5 amperes at a voltage of 5 volts DC. This CPU unit has a maximum weight of 130 grams, in addition to a width measuring 31 millimeters.

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Produced by Omron Automation, product number CJ2M-CPU31 is a CPU unit. This unit has an approximate weight of 190 grams max with a width measuring 62 millimeters. The CJ2M-CPU31 has an I/O capacity of 2,560 I/O points. It also has a program capacity of 5K steps. At 5 VDC, the CJ2M-CPU31's current consumption is rated at 0.7 amperes.

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Catalog number CJ2M-CPU35 is an SYSMAC CJ-series CPU unit manufactured by Omron Automation. This device has an I/O capacity of 2,560 points, in addition to a program capacity of 60K steps. This unit has a maximum weight of 190 grams. Furthermore, the width of this CPU unit is 62 millimeters. The CJ2M-CPU35 has a rated current consumption rating of 0.7 amperes at 5 volts DC.

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Catalog number CJ2M-MD211 is a pulse I/O module that was produced by Omron Automation. This module has ten (10) inputs, which consist of four (4) interrupt/quick response inputs and two (2) high-speed counter inputs. The CJ2M-MD211 also has six (6) outputs, which include two (2) pulse outputs and two (2) PWM outputs. The current consumption of the CJ2M-MD211 at 5 volts DC is rated as 0.08 amperes.

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