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Changing the Meaning of “Pillow Talk”

Imagine. A couple comes home after a long, hard Monday. All they want is to do is lie down beside each other. They want to feel the person they love’s warmth and heartbeat next to them. The familiar type of reassurance which can only come from that one person. They get into separate beds and pull the covers over top of them. Wait. Something is wrong with this picture. Shouldn’t they bed in the same bed, comforting one another? The dilemma is that they are a long distance couple.

Spending any extended period of time away from the person you love is tough. If you ask me, a big part of choosing to be with a person is because their presence comforts you. This includes not only couples, but other relationships as well. The father missing his children while he is overseas. The sisters who live across the country from one another. The best friends that moved away after college and haven’t had time to visit each other. The grandparents that aren’t able to travel to see their grandchildren. All these relationships face the same problem. Distance. So, how do you fix the problem of having to be apart from your loved one? How about a little Pillow Talk?

Little Riot created Pillow Talk to ease the burden of long-distance relationships. They believe that “emoticons and pixelated video calls just don’t really cut it” and that we should be able to actually feel connected to those we love (Little Riot).

So, how does it work? I’m glad you asked!

When you buy Pillow Talk, you will get two wristbands and two speakers. They come in red or blue. The device works through an app on either your iPhone or your Android in two different ways. When you want to listen to the other person’s heartbeat, you put on the wristband, put the speaker under your pillow, and connect to the app. Your partner will get a notification that you want to “pillow talk” with them. They put on their wristband and put their speaker under their pillow. Then you both can fall asleep to the sound of each other’s heartbeat playing in real time. If you want the sound of their heartbeat to be louder, just take off the soft material that is on top of the speaker.

Or you can plug headphones into your phone, connect to the app, and listen to their heartbeat that way at any time of the day. All you need to do is make sure that your loved one has on the wristband.

Pillow Talk is available to be purchased for $179. Which, for couples that spend a lot of time apart from each other, $179 may not seem like much. If it brings you closer together and makes the time apart more bearable, then that seems like a pretty good deal. If you do decide to pre-order one, Pillow Talk is set to be delivered in late 2016.

The designer of this unique item is Joanna Montgomery. What does she think Pillow Talk is really all about? She released a press statement that said, “

Pillow Talk is about feeling that connection with someone. Anyone who has spent time apart from someone they love knows that – while it’s great to talk to them on something like Skype – you don’t get that same closeness from a face on a screen. We designed Pillow Talk to give people the feeling that they’re somehow closer together, even when they’re many miles apart.”

Ultimately, Pillow Talk was designed to bring a familiar type of intimacy back into any long-distance relationship. So, if there someone in your life who means the world to you, but you have to be away from them, this invention could be just the gadget for you. Little Riot posted a quote from a user that said, “I love it. It feels so human…like I’m lying with my head on his chest.” It seems that Pillow Talk is redefining the phrase “pillow talk”.


*Picture Credit goes to Little Riot’s Pillow Talk

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