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Automated Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) To Benefit From $103 Billion Shale Oil & Gas Investments

The shale oil and gas boom is being touted as the “bridge” to a sustainable energy future in the US. To get the US close to 100% renewable energy will take at least until 2030 and burning coal in the interim, of which there is a vast supply in the US, would wreak havoc on […]

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The New, Promising Business Of Capturing Clean Industrial Waste Heat

Waste Heat Recovery Power Genreation (WHRPG) One of the most abundant and overlooked resources of industrial manufacturing processes is excess heat that is dissipated as it “seeps” into the environment. Industrial cogeneration and municipal solid waste facilities and industrial processes such as oil refining, steelmaking and glassmaking are all great sources of waste heat. Other […]

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New PLC Support Section. Easy PLC Troubleshooting Videos and Step-By-Step Guides.

PDF Supply repairs hundreds of PLC parts every year. Many times, parts arrive in our support department with nothing wrong with them. CPU failure is common and the two most frequent issues revolve around battery failure and CPU memory faults. Many PLC problems are really easy to fix without sending them in for repair. Troubleshooting a […]

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The Coming Connected World Partly Driven By Technology, Partly By Generational Change

A couple years ago there was an earthquake in Charlottesville, Virginia and news of the earthquake sent via Twitter reached New York City faster than the shockwaves emanating from the epicenter. This event showed the world how connected we are through social media platforms and the data produced by them, providing a glimpse at the […]

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Autartic Manufacturing Systems Now A Reality With The Digitization Of Manufacturing

We used to check our auto oil with a long metal stick, seeing if the oil was above or below a line; now an oil sensor does this for us. Is your factory getting too humid? A humidity sensor will soon have it under control. As their names imply, there is no end in sight: […]

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“Predictive-Diagnostics” Saved Space Shuttles From Disaster, Now It Helps Industrial Companies Save Billions

Project Management Software On Steroids Chalk up another “win” for US investment in the space program which seems to be a gift that keeps on giving. When NASA was seeking to monitor and detect faults in the space shuttle’s main engines, it developed “Model-Based Condition Monitoring” (MBCM) to improve “quality assurance.” NASA’s automated data collection […]

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Will Automation Take Your Job? Our Research May Surprise You.

Industrial automation and the defense industry have been at the forefront of robotics development. In 2013 Japan had the most industrial robots at 309,400 units, with the USA in 2nd place with 215,650 units. Large automotive manufacturers like Toyota have been racing to eliminate as many humans from their operations as possible. The demand for […]

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Micro Laser Sintering (MLS) Technology Builds Durable Microstructures

Everyone who has seen the firing of pottery and other ceramic objects, processes used for centuries, understands what micro laser sintering is all about. English geologists first used the term “sintering” in 1780 to describe bonding of mineral particles. But today, an updated version of the process is finding applications in nearly all fields of […]

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Keeping Up With Threats To Industrial Control Systems

According to Sun Tzu in The Art of War: “It is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in one-hundred battles; if you do not know your enemies, but do know yourself, you will win one and lose one; if you do not know you’re enemies, nor […]

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The GE Series 6 PLC

The GE Series 6 PLC was first introduced in 1981. Originally, the series was manufactured under model 6600 and model 6000 before it was renamed the series 6. There was very little difference between these three models—the only difference was the size of available memory and the “instruction set”—or the list of commands that the […]

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