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PLC vs DCS: How to Choose?

This might be one of the most common questions between automation engineers and technicians that are starting their way into the industry: “What is the best option for my project? A PLC or a DCS?” Well, as with everything else in the field of automation, it depends. But in the case of PLCs and DCSs, […]

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Allen Bradley vs Mitsubishi PLCs

In the world of industrial automation, there are a number of big names constantly competing against each other for the spot of the biggest automation solutions company – from companies dedicated to the manufacture of PLCs and automation solutions, to brands that are subsidiaries of the biggest commercial conglomerates in the world of electronics. The […]

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PLC vs PAC vs IPC: What is the difference?

Sometimes, it can be difficult to clearly understand the differences between PLCs, PACs and industrial PCs because, at the end, all of them are used for the same purpose, controlling a process, but they all do it in different ways. Some people even think that these three systems compete with each other, but they are […]

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Analog PLCs: Voltage vs Current

            Programable logic controllers (PLC) are devices known to be completely digital, and, usually, digital devices are very easy to understand in the electrical side of things, they work with binary language, 1 and 0, true and false, reference voltage and ground, and this is true even today. But then, how do they have the […]

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Hardware Comparison: Allen Bradley ControlLogix Control Systems V. Emerson VersaMax Micro and Nano Controllers

The ControlLogix Control Systems, made by the well-known Rockwell Automation and their line of automation equipment, Allen Bradley, provide a high-performance experience without sacrificing ease of use. With a common development environment and a tight integration between software and hardware, the time of development and installation is reduced considerably.             As an alternative, Emerson, having […]

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PLC Comparison: Allen-Bradley vs. Mitsubishi

Many times, product comparisons explain how one brand’s business model is compared to another brand. In most business circles, that’s called a business intelligence analysis. We’ll avoid most of that and let you look at the facts and decide which one better fits your business needs. The bottom line on Allen-Bradley versus Mitsubishi Electric is […]

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Hardware Comparison: VersaMax Micro and Nano Controllers vs the PACSystems RX3i

The VersaMax family is clearly the best for projects looking for a cost-effective and small solution, with a good range of options in case that the smaller models look too limited in features, and enough communication solutions for a comprehensive use.

On the other hand, with up to 32K I/O points, more advanced communication solutions, and modules for high level specialized task, the RX3i is the best for projects where performance is the most important thing

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What is a Real Time Clock (RTC) in a PLC?

Real-time clocks (RTC) are not clocks like the one on your nightstand that automatically changes time as the season changes from standard time to daylight savings. Those work with a radio receiver inside the casing tuned to the national time observatory that measures light frequency from a very stable and accurate source to keep us […]

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Hardware Comparison: GE RX3i vs Allen-Bradley ControlLogix

The GE PLC product line has a long history of innovation within the power and energy industry. GE PLC systems are largely implemented in emergency power supply systems, due to their high performance in mission critical power, making it a reliable choice also in various industry scenarios. For this article we will focus on the […]

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Analog vs. Digital

How do digital devices stack up against their analog predecessors? All electronics, including PLCs, rely on signals to collect, store, and transmit information. Electronic designs are based on the types of signals — analog, digital (discrete), or both — that each device will use for their inputs and outputs (I/O). These signals can transmit all […]

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