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RTD – What Does it Stand For & How Are They Used in PLCs?

What Does RTD Stand For?  The term ‘RTD’ stands for Resistance Temperature Detector. It’s a type of temperature sensor whose resistance changes with temperature changes. RTDs are popular temperature sensors because of their stability, and they also exhibit the most linear resistance signal in relation to temperature variations of a given electronic device. This means […]

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What Does HMI Stand For and What Does it Do?

What Does HMI Stand For?  In industrial automation, ‘HMI’ simply stands for Human Machine Interface. It’s a popular name given to a hardware and software combination that allows human operators to interact with a machine or system. It is exactly what the name implies: a user interface that connects people to a machine, device, or […]

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What Does PLC Stand For and What Does it Do?

What does PLC stand for? In industrial automation terms, PLC stands for a Programmable Logic Controller. PLCs are specialized computers designed and built to automate a variety of industrial electromechanical processes. Automation of manufacturing processes began long before the invention of PLCs. From the early to the late 1900s, industrial automation was carried out by […]

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How to Read a PLC Wiring Diagram

What is a Wiring Diagram?  A wiring diagram is a graphical representation of an electrical circuit. Often you’ll come across terms like an electrical diagram, electronic schematic, elementary diagram, or circuit diagram, all of which are synonyms of a wiring diagram. A pictorial wiring diagram makes use of simple images to show circuit components, while […]

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ControlLogix Controllers vs Guardlogix Controllers

Allen Bradley’s controllers family, Logix 5000, features a wide range of controllers such as ControlLogix controllers, GuardLogix controllers, Armor ControlLogix controllers, Armor GuardLogix controllers, CompactLogix controllers, and Compact GuardLogix controllers. Each of these controllers families has unique features that can be helpful to decide a suitable controller while designing a control system for a particular […]

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ControlLogix 5580 vs 5570

Allen Bradley has developed the ControlLogix controllers to provide an economic and efficient control solution for all those applications which need or might need several I/O points for operation, thus featuring scalability. It is made possible by allowing these controllers’ installation into an available slot of ControlLogix I/O chassis. Furthermore, several of these controllers can […]

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CompactLogix 5371 vs 5380

CompactLogix System Overview  The Allen-Bradley CompactLogix system is designed and built by Rockwell Automation to provide a Logix control solution for different sized applications. A CompactLogix platform combines the benefits of a common programming environment, common communication networks, as well as a common high-performance control engine in a small footprint. CompactLogix controllers provide higher performance, […]

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SLC 500 vs ControlLogix

SLC 500 and ControlLogix control platforms are some of the most popular Allen-Bradley’s Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) systems available in the market today. While it might be easy to pick up an SLC 500 or a ControlLogix control system, it is imperative to understand the ins and outs of each system. This article provides you […]

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2022 Industrial Automation Trends

Industrial automation describes a wide range of control systems, such as robots, PLCs, HMIs, Industrial computers, and information technologies, which are used to handle different machines and processes within the factory floor in an effort to reduce/eliminate human intervention. Industrial automation systems are classified based on their level of flexibility and integration into manufacturing operations […]

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Ethernet vs Modbus

Since its introduction, Ethernet technology continuously improved and it has matured to the point that the cost of deploying an Ethernet network solution is now quite affordable. Today, Ethernet is the communication standard for many systems, so it is no surprise that it’s now recognized as one of the standards for factory networking.  Conversely, Modbus communication is by far the oldest […]

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