More PLC Courses Being Offered as Demand for High Tech Jobs Increases

More and more colleges and universities across the country are adding new courses to keep up with the improving economy and increasing demand for high tech jobs.

Many facilities deal in high-volume work with automated equipment, but they also need employees highly proficient in computer training in order to ensure their complex systems are safe from cyber attacks.

As a result, more classes are being offered in high growth areas, specifically Introduction to Automation Using Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC’s) and Cyber Security/Risk Management.

PLC courses focus on helping automation technicians, electricians, industrial maintenance mechanics, and energy management system operators learn the implementation of automated systems in manufacturing and service company settings designed to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Cyber Security courses are aimed at all those looking to protect computer systems from viruses, hackers, worms, and other threats to confidential information.

All in all, now might be the time to jump into some of these new PLC courses and improve your proficiency in a number of areas involving automated equipment.