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GE Fanuc Frequently Asked Questions

Memory, I/O capacity and price are the key differences between the IC697CPX935, IC697CPX782 and IC697CPX772 processors. This is also true with the IC697CGR935 and IC697CGR772 processors.

This unit has been discontinued because of chip availability issues. This can be a real problem for Logicmaster 9030 programming software users because you will need to move to GE Fanuc Proficy software when using the replacement IC693CPU374, or IC693CPU372 CPU's.

The Rx3i series IC695CPU310, and IC695CPU320 are faster processors and store the ladder documentation in the CPU. The base racks IC695CHS012, and IC695CHS016 have a much higher throughput than the 90-30 series IC693CHS391 base rack. The Rx3i series also offers additional modules that the 90-30 series does not.

No, all GE PLC Ethernet modules now include internal transceivers. You have the option if needed to convert to different media. The IC693CPU364 CPU has an AAUI port on the bottom. Therefore, there is not always a need for the IC693CMM321, IC697CMM741 and IC697CMM742.

No, the coprocessor chip became obsolete. The IC693CPU351 can be ordered, but it is very expensive. You would be better off using the IC693CPU350 or IC693CPU360 CPU's.

No. The HE693RTD600, HE693RTD601 and HE693RTD660 are made by Horner Electric APG for the Series 90-30.

Not always. Some blocks have revision issues and GE Fanuc had both Phase 'A' Genius blocks and Phase 'B' Genius blocks. Phase 'A' Genius blocks are not compatible. You are probably better off using just ABB blocks.

GE Fanuc modified Field Control to allow modules to be replaced while powered up. A special alignment bracket insures proper insertion on the IC670CHS101 and IC670CHS102?

The IC610CPU101 is the first release of the GE Fanuc Series ONE PLC. You can find some remanufactured CPU's, but be careful using the newer CPU's, as their instruction set may be different from the IC610CPU104, IC610CPU105 and IC610CPU106.

They are now obsolete. I could give the long drawn out history where they were made by Koyo, but suffice it to say that GE and Koyo had a falling out when the 90-30 came out. The IC655CPU500 can still be found installed in certain industries.

There are several retrofit upgrade paths for older GE PLC systems. Most include using our utility which converts ladder logic programs to the new GE system. The easiest upgrade is the one that continues to utilize most of the current I/O. GE Fanuc has done well with their I/O migration process. Under our support page you will find a solution for all older GE Fanuc PLCs.

Yes, we stock over 1000 Brand New GE Fanuc PLC parts and can ship them same day.

Yes, the IC693CPU374 PLUS version is the latest and may not be backward compatible depending on the application.

In most cases, we can repair the part within 24 hours if we are informed before the part arrives in our warehouse.

Yes, we ship to over 190 countries approved for US export. In many cases we can have parts delivered to other countries within a couple of days.

It has to do with the addition of the expanded instruction set. If you are not using the IC600CB515 module then either the IC600LR648 or IC600LX648K module will work.

32 devices usually made up of 30 Genius blocks, one hand held monitor and a GE Fanuc Bus controller.

Both are Discrete I/O modules, but the IC697CGR935 is 12K with 1MB of Fixed Memory, while the IC697CGR772 is a 2K with 512K byte of Fixed Memory.

The IC697ALG230 is an Analog Input module with 8 Channels, compared to the IC697ALG320 , which is an Analog Output module with 4 Channels.

Both are 16 Channel Analog Input Expander modules, but the IC697ALG440 is Current, while the IC697ALG441 is Voltage.

While both are GE Intelligent Platform Coprocessors, the IC697PCM711 is a Programmable Coprocessor, while the IC697CMM711 is a Communications Coprocessor.

Both are 16MHz GE Intelligent Platform CPU modules that are 12K Discrete I/O, but the IC697CPU782 possesses Floating Pt. where the IC697CPU781 does not.

Both are 12MHz GE Intelligent Platform CPU modules that are 2K Discrete I/O, but the IC697CPU772 possesses Floating Pt. where the IC697CPU771 does not.

Both are 12MHz GE Intelligent Platform CPU modules, but the IC697CPU731 is 512k bytes Discrete I/O, with Fixed Memory, while the IC697CPU732 is 2K Discrete I/O with Expandable Memory and Floating Pt.

Both are 32MHz GE Intelligent Platform CPU modules that are 12K Discrete I/O, but the IC697CPM914 has 512k expandable RAM, while the IC697CPM915 has 1024k RAM.

Both are GE Intelligent Platform CPU modules, but the IC693CPU363 replaced the IC693CPU351. The IC693CPU363 allowed for Flash upgrades, while the IC693CPU351 required EPROM Upgrades.

Both are 16 Single Channel Analog Input modules, but the IC693ALG223 is Current, while the IC693ALG222 is Voltage.

Both are 4 Channel Analog Input modules, but the IC693ALG221 is Current, while the IC693ALG220 is Voltage/Current.

Both are 2 Channel GE Intelligent Platform Analog Output modules, but the IC693ALG390 is Voltage, while the IC693ALG391 is Current.

Both are GE Intelligent Platform Axis Positioning modules, but the IC693APU301 has 1 Axis, while the IC693APU302 has 2 Axis.

While both are GE Intelligent Platform Motion Controller modules, the IC693DSM302 has 2 Axis while the IC693DSM314 has 1-2 Axis.

While both are a part of the GE Intelligent Platform 90-30 series, the IC693CMM302 is a Communication module while the IC693BEM331 is a Bus Controller module.

All are a part of the GE Intelligent Platform 90-30 series, but the IC693CMM311 is a Communications Module, while the IC693PCM301, & IC693PCM311 are Programmable Coprocessor modules.

Both are GE Intelligent Platform 90-30 series CPU’s, but the IC693CPU331 has 16k bytes of User Memory, while the IC693CPU350 has 32k bytes of User Memory. Also, the IC693CPU350 has no built-in serial ports.

While both the IC693PWR321 and IC693PWR330 are 90-30 series Power Supply Modules, the IC693PWR330 is a High Capacity Power Supply. Both do not include battery.

Both are 6 Channel Block’s from the GE Intelligent Platform, Genius Series, but the IC660BBA021 is 24/48V DC, while the IC660BBA101 is 115V AC/125V DC.

Both are 4 Input / 2 Output, Genius Series Block’s, but the IC660BBA020 is 24/48V DC, while the IC660BBA100 is 115V AC.

Both are6 Input Analog Current Source Block’s from the Genius Series, but the IC660BBA026 is 24/48V DC, while the IC660BBA106 is 115V AC/125V DC.

Both are 6 Channel Block’s from the Genius Series, but the IC660BBA023 is 24/48V DC, while the IC660BBA103 is 115V AC/125V DC.

Both are 115V AC/125V DC I/O Block’s from the Genius Series, but the IC660BBS102 has Failed Switch Diagnostic, while the IC660BBS103 does not.

Both are 115V AC, I/O Block’s from the Genius Series, but the IC660BBS103 is Isolated, whereas the IC660BBD101 is not.

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