How-to Function Test GENIUS IC660HHM501 Hand Held Monitor PLC Programmer GE Fanuc

Introduction: GE Fanuc GENIUS IC660HHM501 Troubleshooting Guide

This troubleshooting guide is a test of a GE Fanuc Genius Series Hand Held Monitor, part number IC660HHM501 and this part is able to self-test so here’s what you’re going to do.

genius series handheld monitor

Step 1: Power Up and Configure Self Test

First you’re going to go to ON hit OK click on F1 Hand Held Monitor Utilities and then F2 Hand Held Monitor Self Test and you’re going to do these three tests:

  1. Keypad Test
  2. Display Test
  3. Terminals Test


Step 2: The Keypad Test

So F1, Keypad Test, and what you’re going to do is start to hit the different buttons and it’s going to show up on so 7, 8, 9, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0 decimal point, plus/minus key F1, F2, F3, F4, Clear, and then if you hit Home or Menu it’s going to go back so that’s concludes the Key Pad
test and if you are able to follow this sequence this is working properly.

Step 3: The Display Test

F2 is Display Test. This is something that will execute itself, you’ll see that go through a couple different display patterns and it’s usually just those three, one, two, three. So, this is working fine you can go back to home and the next text.

Step 4: The Terminals Test

The next thing you’re going to test is the internals. It’s going to go through sort of a self-diagnostic. Hit F3. And if you want to see it again, it goes through it, it asks you to wait while it’s working and then if it passes it will say self test passed. Now hit execute again, F1 checking past.


Step 5: Additional Troubleshooting if Necessary

Okay so typically the problems that you see with Hand Held Monitors that require repair could range from anything to do with battery and or charger or it could have to do with the communication cable being bad and it could have something to do with the internals.

A lot of times, you unit may need an upgrade, a revision of the GENIUS Hand Held Monitor. As you can see, when you do power it up, the monitor will indicate the latest revision at the top of the screen, ie: in this illustration, the latest revision 4.9 Version.

If you need help, parts or service, please see links below.