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IC697MDL653 How-to Test 90-70 Module PLC GE Fanuc Proficy Machine Edition Programming Tutorial

Introduction: GE Fanuc IC697MDL653 Troubleshooting Guide

This troubleshooting guide is a test of a GE Fanuc IC697MDL653 32 point discreet input module.

Step 1: The Setup

In this configuration there are 4 groups of 8 inputs: A, B, C and D.
This is a 24-volt DC positive negative. What this means is this particular module is not syncing or sourcing. As long as the terminals 10, 20, 30 and 40 (in this particular case, illustrated, is a negative 24 volt DC lead) are opposite of the channels that you are probing, you are going to get a response.
This set up could have been wired the opposite way with the positive lead going to 10, 20, 30 and 40 and probe with the negative, and you would get the exact same response. So that is a little tip for you.
The module is in an IC697CHS750 5-slot rack, powered by an IC697PWR711 power
supply, and the processor illustrated is an IC697CPX782 central processor.
Illustrated here is the use of Proficy Machine Edition Software.
Note that its a good idea to pay attention to the door card (see above) and where it is asking you to probe the terminals or connect to the terminals and where it is asking you to put your positive and negative permanent lead.
In this illustration the setup has been pre-jumpered (see image above) for this test on 10, 20, 30, and 40. Again, using a negative lead from a 24-volt DC power supply.
You will notice in the illustration that small pieces of electrical tape have been placed over each of the terminals 10, 20, 30 and 40. This is so you do not inadvertently touch you positive probe to a lead and create a short.

Step 2: Proficy Machine Edition Setup

Now on the Proficy Machine Edition side, what you to do is open up your main rack on a new open file, a clean file and select an IC697CHS750 5-slot rack, as described. There is an IC697PWR711 power supply, an IC697CPX782 processor, and the IC697MDL653, which is in slot number 2.
When you select the input module, the IC697MDL653, you are going to notice a tab pop up next to your info viewer, and there is nothing really to configure in there specifically. But you want to pay attention to the reference address you have been given, the value of the reference address. Because you are going to need that to locate where you probe each channel and you are going to see the input reaction.
For this particular test the reference address is %I-00001. So when you go to your input table, which is underneath reference view tables, and you expand default tables, the fourth table down is %I or Input.
You can double click on that and your input table will show up. It will be in groups of 8. They should all be 0’s. The goal here is obviously is to probe each terminal and make sure those 0’s, which is with the corresponding channel, turn to a 1. Meaning you have activity on that channel. This is just a discreet input, so it is just On or Off.
So now you should have the IC697CPX782 in Run Mode, and you should have a working system (see above). You are going to take your positive probe lead and start to touch it to the corresponding terminals.
So, looking at the door card you’ll see on terminal number 2 is channel 1, terminal 3 is channel 2, and so on. As you probe each channel you will notice that the LED behind this screen will turn on, indicating that you are probing channel 1, A1. You should also be paying attention to Proficy Machine Edition to see that the 0 at that channel is turning into a 1.
One tip: just because these LED’s, which are there for user reference, are turning on does not necesarrily mean that the information is going from this input module through the CPU, to the Proficy Machine Edition.
It is possible that your light will come on and you will actually have a faulty channel So you go through and test all 32 channels and make sure you get a reading on each one. Check your B’s, C’s and D’s and you should see the LED coming on with the corresponding channel.
You should also seen in Proficy Machine Edition that the 0’s are turning into a 1 and you can therefore be confident that this is a perfectly good unit. It is a very easy test. It is either working or it is not.
What is most common, as mentioned above, with a problem module, is that the light comes on but you do not get a 1 in the input table. Or, you do not get a light at all when you touch it and you don’t get any information in Proficy Machine Edition.
So either of those things are typically the only two problems you are likely to encounter.

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